Do I Need An Immigration Lawyer For Canada?

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer:

  • Knowledgeable about immigration law
  • Able to offer advice regarding your personal situation
  • Able to help you meet deadlines in a timely fashion
  • Will work with you to increase your chances of a successful application for a Canadian visa or Canadian permanent residency

Immigration is an overwhelming process that requires you to understand a complex set of legal requirements and regulations. While it is not legally required to hire an immigration lawyer and you can certainly apply yourself, hiring a lawyer may make the process smoother and more enjoyable for you. 

Immigration lawyers specialize in the immigration law of their chosen countries and keep abreast of changes to laws and immigration programs. This knowledge can be applied to your individual case and in often immigration lawyers can be instrumental in ensuring that you apply for the proper immigration program that best meets your needs. They can also provide information about alternative immigration options. Additionally, they can help you to understand why a previous application was denied. Understanding the reasoning behind a visa denial is important because it allows you to decide if you should reapply. 

Visa and Permanent Residency have strict deadlines that must be met. Missing a deadline might mean that you are unable to immigrate or that you will receive a denial. Immigration lawyers are able to ensure that all deadlines are met in a timely fashion. This includes helping you with the required documentation. This could include helping you gather the information you need and suggesting ways to make your application stronger. 

Examples of Cases That Could Benefit From An Immigration Lawyers Help:

  1. A student with an acceptance to a Canadian University but whose first study permit application was denied.
  2. A person with a criminal record which makes them inadmissible under normal circumstances.
  3. An individual attempting to maximize their CRS score for Canadian Express Entry.

At the end of the day, you do need an immigration lawyer but then can help you ensure you present the best immigration case to the Canadian government. Because immigration application cost money and are important to your ability to move to Canada.