How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost?

A question VisaPlace receives very often is “How much is this going to cost?” This question could be answered in a thousand different ways so there is a lot of confusion about how much one should be paying for immigration fees.

  1. What Should You Be Paying For Your Immigration Lawyer Fees? An individual shouldn’t be paying $2,000 an hour for services but they also shouldn’t assume services will be cheap. Most immigration lawyer fees are flat fees and not charged by the hour, that way you can budget accordingly. The fees an immigrant is paying for are based on their lawyers hard work, lawyer’s experience, application fees, their time, and making the immigration process easier than doing it by yourself.
  2. Why Are Consultations Not Free? Our consultations for VisaPlace range from $49 to $197. The consultation is not free because we are dedicating our time to you for the meeting, lawyer and potential client great relationship is our number one concern. If someone is offering a free consultation and they only give you 5 minutes of their time, barely listening to your case, its a waste of your time. Paying for a licensed consultant or lawyer to analyze your case is well worth your time and money.
  3. Why Not Hire The Least Expensive Lawyer? We know that many times a potential client is working with a budget but finding an immigration lawyer is not the place to be on a low budget. You want to find the best immigration lawyer you can, with a proven track record, a strong team, decades of experience, and a thorough knowledge of Immigration Law in particular. What you gain in your wallet, you are likely to lose in court. Don’t try to look for a “deal” when it comes to your future.

We frequently receive immigrants who reach out to us after they have lost their case to another immigration law office who they used because they had a slight cheaper price. This individual not only loses their money but also precious time.