Top Tips for Soon to Be Expats (Infographic)


Are you interested in living in a culture much different than the one in which you grew up? Have you ever considered becoming an expatriate? This infographic lists some important things to consider before embarking on your travels to other cultures.

Top Tips for Soon to Be Expats (Infographic)

Denied Entry to Canada


Are you thinking of travelling or moving to Canada? Have you previously been denied entry at the border? We’ve collected a good set of points to take into consideration before reaching the Canadian border, and combined them in the beautiful infographic below:

Denied Entry to Canada - Immigration

A Guide to Canada’s Federal Skilled Workers Immigration Class

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada. There are a variety of ways to permanently immigrate to the country, one of which is a Skilled Worker Visa. These visas are for individuals who have a qualifying occupation and who meet a specific set of criteria. has compiled and organized the criteria for the Canadian Skilled Worker Immigration Class into a beautifully informative infographic.