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Welcome to ImmigrationLawyer.com where finding an immigration professional has never been easier!  Whether you need to immigrate for travel, study, work, or to live we know we can help you find the ‘right’ immigration professional.

You have two simple options:

  1. Post a description of your immigration matter on a one of our private forms and let the lawyers come to you.
  2. Search our HUGE database of immigration lawyers and choose one you would like to contact for a consultation.

If you decide to post a case, you simply fill-out a quick form and describe your situation and we’ll send a notification to handful of lawyers who specialize in your matter. Most people who use our system will receive responses within a couple hours. You can decide whether you want to be contacted via email or phone. You control the whole process.

If you decide search our database, you can see full contact details of each lawyer, their experience, their resume, read reviews from previous clients, watch videos, & much more!

We take the headache out of finding qualified immigration professionals.

We like to say, “Immigration that clicks!”

It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s simple.

Using our system assures that you will most likely get the best service because the lawyers listed in our directory know the ‘value’ of getting a good review and this gives them added incentive to make sure they give your case the care it deserves.

We can also help you with immigration advice. Use our ‘Ask a Lawyer’ forum, where you can post any immigration question and receive back answers from lawyers listed in our site. We also offer an extensive library of free guides and articles to help you learn more about all the immigration options available.

With the help of  ImmigrationLawyer.com you’ll make your immigration dreams come true!