What Jobs in Dubai Are Available for Canadians?

Dubai is becoming one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world. The world’s tallest buildings have been erected there, and some of the most beautiful, unusual architecture in the world has been created in Dubai. What does this mean for Canadians who want to live and work in Dubai? There are many possibilities for Canadians who want a new experience.

The Language Barrier?

Everywhere they go, Canadians are loved by foreigners. There is hardly a country where they would not be accepted with open arms. Even if a Canadian does not speak Arabic she can get by just fine: English is widely spoken there. As a tourist destination, it is a must that at least some individuals working in tourism speak English anyway.
As a result, being an English-speaking Canadian is not going to hurt one bit. Being multilingual, however, will be considered an asset. Any second language is helpful.
Jobs in Dubai for Canadians

As a result, the types of jobs which are easiest to access include:

  • Waiting tables
  • Hotel reception
  • Tourist guide
  • Translator
  • The last one only works if you speak more than one language, of course. Tourists will be grateful to meet someone who speaks their language.
  • There are plenty more opportunities, including teaching. English teachers are sought around the world, and Dubai is no exception.
  • More Jobs

Tourism employment is just one option. It is a good one for a student who wants to see the world but has minimal credentials and no professional skills. Living and working abroad is a character-building experience and an adventure. We suggest some other ways to go about finding jobs in Dubai, while also offering advice for getting a visa.

This is especially true if you have some skills to offer. For instance, approach your employer to find out if there is a Dubai branch of the company. You might be able to relocate on a short-term visa this way, or you could telecommute. This means using various communication devices to send work in from Dubai. Thanks to the Internet and videoconferencing technology, it is easy to stay in touch with home base.

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