What Careers and Trades Are Best To Get Into Canada?

Canada offers great opportunities for professional and skilled workers. If you are considering immigrating to Canada, there are certain careers that are likely to give you an edge. These occupations have more vacancies than any other jobs in the country at this time. They also offer better chances of getting back on your feet economically and otherwise.

Top 3 Jobs to Consider for your Canadian Career

In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for skilled workers. The sectors that lack adequate supply of skilled labor include service, construction, and manufacturing sectors (see the whole list here).

The particular professionals in high demand include chefs, carpenters, plumbers, and industrial mechanics. With an acute shortage of the mentioned professionals in the country, there is plenty of opportunity for skilled trades-people.

Teachers who can teach skilled trades are also highly sort in Canada. Canada needs instructors for its colleges, technical institutes, and vocational schools. Therefore, teachers and lecturers have a good chance of getting a job when they immigrate to Canada. They would find it relatively easier to settle down.

If you have training in the dentistry field, you could continue this as your Canadian career. Today, more people are opting for cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles. In addition, with the aging population in Canada, the industry is set to grow. If you do not already have the qualifications, you could enroll for a 2-year program and start working towards your diploma now.

Other Factors that are Considered in Selection

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) looks at a number of things when considering an immigration application. Since Canada immigration criteria is a point-based system, CIC awards points to applicants on the following areas:

  • Proficiency in English or French (these are the Official Canadian languages)
  • Education and professional qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Whether or not you have prearranged employment in Canada
  • Adaptability (one may earn more points for showing that he or she can adapt to life in Canada)

Canada offers many opportunities for skilled professionals from all over the world. Several sectors of the Canadian economy lack sufficient supply of skilled labor. As such, skilled immigrants would have an easier time finding a Canadian career in these sectors and with the aid of such initiatives as the Ontario Provincial Nominee program these kind of immigrants are given the opportunity at a brighter future.

Granted, education and professional qualifications earn an applicant the most points. However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada also requires one to score high marks in other areas that they consider important for a successful immigration application.

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