What a Canadian Needs To Know About Living and Working in the U.K.

Although Canada is a Commonwealth country, this does not give Canadians any special rights when it comes to working in the United Kingdom. Any Canadian working in the U.K. needs to have a work permit if she is going to be permitted to seek legal employment.

Seeking illegal employment (i.e., being paid ‘under the table’), if discovered, could lead to deportation and an employer could face consequences.


Types of Immigration Applications

A Working Holiday

One option that is open to you is to travel and work throughout the country. The U.K. makes this easy by offering special traveler visas. Visitors stay for a limited period of time during which they are able to seek modest, low-paying employment. Typical jobs would include:

  • Serving in a bar
  • Waiting tables
  • Cleaning

You are not in the business of making big money in this case, just funding your holiday. Many businesses welcome short term workers, especially seasonally. They need to fill positions such as souvenir sellers in castles and café workers in heritage homes.

Skilled Workers

Another possibility is to enter the United Kingdom as a skilled worker from Canada. There are always academics and experts in various fields traveling across the Atlantic between the two countries or to other nations to share their knowledge. Find out what specific skills are coveted in England, such as solar engineering. Look for a potential employer and get a job offer.

Legal Representation

Most applications for working in the U.K. are fairly simple. They are rejected or accepted for obvious reasons. The applicant has a criminal record, is not able to meet financial requirements, or lacks the necessary skills to find work in the country.

Some cases are uncertain: they could go either way. With the help of immigration lawyers, an applicant could effectively sway the balance in her favor and end up seeing her dream become a reality. If you are thinking about applying for an employment visa and you foresee complications in the process, consider speaking with an immigration attorney prior to making your application for UK immigration. The whole process could be faster and the result more satisfying if you take this route.

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