The Most Popular Countries for Canadians Working Overseas

What is it that Canadians look for in employment overseas? Is it money, challenges, a working holiday, or the chance to experience new cultures? Here are some of the ways Canadians choose their overseas employment destinations.

Western Amenities

Many Canadians would agree that they like their comfort. They are used to indoor toilets, central heating, and long retail opening hours. Any country which can afford these same amenities is a draw for Canadians unwilling to sacrifice convenience.

Cultural Differences

Then again, there are a number of young people who believe the best overseas jobs for Canadians enlarge their horizons and teach them something about the world. These individuals are willing to work:

  • In third world countries
  • In developing countries
  • Where there are language barriers
  • For non-profit organizations

Job Opportunities

Any nation which is developing enough to compete with first-world countries needs the expertise it can only find from foreigners. Although these countries are home to many talented individuals, there are benefits to hiring Canadians who are more familiar with certain infrastructure and job descriptions. They help business owners get started when they have a vision but are unsure where to start.

Rules and Regulations

Just like in Canada, other countries have immigration policies which help them to attract the right sorts of workers to their country. These include individuals who are skilled in appropriate disciplines, who will teach English, or who are willing to work cheaply as students for a year, perhaps as a nanny.

It is essential that, before starting a job in any overseas country, you find out what you are permitted to do legally. Your holiday visa is unlikely to be enough to make any employment permissible. Even a working visa is likely to be limited in some way.

Before deciding to work overseas, consult an immigration lawyer. His expertise covers not just people who want to move permanently to a new country but also stipulations regarding temporary working visas. You might not know exactly where to look for your information, but a lawyer will. Sit down and fill out a visa application form together so that all of the wording is exactly right.

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