The Best Way For A Canadian To Work In The States

If you are a Canadian citizen looking to move and work in the United States, there are rules that need to be followed. A Canadian working in the U.S. can’t just pack up and move, but having a job in the States makes it a much smoother process because of US immigration.

Secure a Job in the United States

You will need to either have a job lined up in the States or your current job is wishing to relocate you to America. This is called an ’employer sponsorship.’ Once the job transfer is secured, you can apply for an immigrant visa.

Why Employer Sponsorship is Best

Immigrating from Canada to the U.S. is not inexpensive and takes time. By having an employer sponsorship, your employer will handle a good portion of the fees as well as the paperwork.

Temporary Worker Permit

Temporary workers are for those that wish to enter the U.S. to work. This is for a specific amount of time and these workers are issued a non-immigrant visa. Once the work is finished, the temporary worker returns to Canada. There are different applications that need to be filled out according to the profession, which an employer would most likely take care of. A temporary visa can last 3 years and be extended 3 years for a total of 6 years.

Permanent Worker Visa

This the visa that allows a Canadian to work and live in the States on a permanent basis. When sponsored by an employer, the process is much easier for the immigrant. Employment based immigration also has different paperwork that has to be filed depending on the worker’s profession.

Additional Immigration Facts

The two other ways to enter the States legally include attending college, which could lead to landing employment. This would then become an employer sponsorship. Getting married to a United States citizen is also another way to enter the country legally. If a person is here on a student visa or vacation and meets and marries a US citizen, it makes it faster to get a green card. Citizenship by marriage is also one of the most costly, since all the financial burdens along with the paperwork has to be filled out by the immigrant.

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