How to Move From the United States to Canada

Regardless of where you come from, the Canadian government will determine your entry qualifications for permanent residency in Canada are based upon a series of criteria. When you wish to emigrate from the United States, make sure you do not let the closeness of nations lull you into a false and early expectation of success.

The Main Criteria

Canada Immigration authorities judge applications based on:

  • Skills and professional training
  • Education
  • Family sponsorship
  • Finances

For instance, if you are an entrepreneur, Canada wants you. If you have money to invest, you could qualify. A Canadian fiance or spouse could sponsor you to live in Canada. Or, if you qualify for specialized employment program such as a Provincial Nominee Program, this may significantly increase your chances.

Canada Immigration also looks into the background of an applicant. It might be difficult to obtain residency if you have been convicted of a DUI or any other criminal charge, even if you were convicted a decade ago, so address this possibility before applying. You could have the conviction removed from your file.

Pursuing Your Application

The best way to apply is to stay in the U.S. and go through the proper process. The Canadian government (much like any government) will feel that the applicant came into the country as a visitor under false pretenses otherwise, with the original but unstated intention of staying.

An exception would be if you visit an elderly relative and are suddenly needed as a care giver. In this case, an internal application may be viewed with compassion.

Why Would Canada Immigration Refuse Someone?

Canada is a popular immigration destination for many reasons, and sometimes so popular that the government is turning people away. Reasons include:

  • The applicant did not go through the proper channels
  • The applicant does not possess skills needed in the country or a specific province
  • Previous convictions
  • A lack of money to sustain one’s self
  • Not filling out the paper work correctly
  • No employer in place

Even U.S. citizens, in spite of their proximity, will be rejected on these grounds. Legal professionals suggest, however, that applicants from the United States not give up. They can appeal a decision if they act quickly. Also, hiring legal representation can help facilitate the process and make a positive outcome more likely.

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