How to Get Across the Border More Easily

border crossing

Crossing a border between countries can sometimes become difficult if the travellers do not check border crossing requirements ahead of time. In many cases, it is helpful to ask an immigration lawyer about getting a border crossing package.  The border package that you need depends largely upon the countries from and to which you are traveling. Nationals from certain countries are allowed to visit other countries without much documentation while the same nationals may be required to request a visa in order to enter another country.

Determining Whether or Not You Need a Visa

While planning your trip, you should visit the website for the embassy of the country to which you are headed. If you live near an embassy for that country, you can visit their offices directly. There, you can determine whether or not you need a visa.

If you need a visa, you should leave up to twelve weeks free to process your application (in the case of a government initiative such as Provincial Nominee programs you may want to allow a little more). In most cases, you will need to provide your original passport to the embassy of the destination country so that they can process your request and grant you an entry visa.

Arriving in The Country of Destination

Once you arrive in the country of destination, you will have to talk to immigration officials at the border. These officials will request to see your border package and your passport with your visa. At a minimum, you should be able to provide them with your passport and your declarations statement about anything that you are taking into the country. In addition, you should be able to answer questions about what you plan to do while in their country.

Extra Documents To Help You Cross The Border More Easily

If the border guards have any reason to believe that you are planning to stay in the destination country illegally beyond the expiration date of your visa, they may not allow you to enter their country.

For cases like these, it can be invaluable to have certain documents along. Ideally, you should have financial statements or other documents proving that you have an important life in your home country and that you plan to return to it.

Preparing a border package is one of the most important parts of traveling abroad. Without the right documents, you may be turned away at the border. In contrast, with the right documentation, you will be able to easily pass through any border you encounter.

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