Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

In Canada, immigration matters are handled in a very organized manner. This is particularly true when companies want to hire foreign workers for temporary or permanent jobs. The process of hiring foreign workers in Canada requires the prospective employer to take the correct steps.

The employee-to-be also needs to have the right documents or else the deal will not go through. Again, the entire process may take a relatively short time. However, there may be delays in the process if the right steps are not followed by the company which wants to employ foreign workers. In the worst case, improper immigration can get the hiring company and potential employee in serious legal trouble. This is why any questions or concerns should be raised with an immigration professional before an employee crosses any borders.

What the Employer Needs To Do

The employer who wants hire a foreign worker needs to begin the process by submitting an application for a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) to the Service Canada Center responsible for processing such applications.

To save time, this application can be submitted even before the foreign worker has been identified by the employer in question. After the submission of this application, the Human resources and Skills Development Canada Service (or HRSDC) will consider the merits of the application.

This process may take a few months or up to one year. The length of time will depend on whether the worker in question is a skilled worker or is unskilled.

Documents to Speed up the Process

The employer needs to provide payroll records. This document needs to detail things like prevailing wage, deductions and overtime paid to workers in similar positions. Other vital documents include time sheets, job description and the temporary foreign worker’s work permit. If the right documents are presented, the application will be approved.

Distinguishing between working in Canada and Canadian Immigration

It is important to point out that working temporarily in Canada is not the same thing as immigrating to Canada. Workers who get into Canada to work will get a working visa and a work permit. If such workers want to be granted residence status, they need to apply for this after staying in Canada for a number of years. This is a separate process and the application for residence status may or may not be approved.

Benefits of the Foreign Worker Program

There are benefits for the worker in the sense that he or she will have a job in Canada for some years or months. The job offer may even lead to permanent employment and residence status in Canada like in the case of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. For the Canadian government, the worker can contribute to economic development so it is a win-win situation for all the parties concerned.

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