Express Entry Immigration: Canada is Actively Recruiting Talented Workers to Come to Canada

Citizenship & Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has recently announced the new and exciting Express Entry Canadian Immigration Model. This new program is designed to offer faster processing for skilled foreign workers who want to immigrate to Canada permanently. The Government intends to use this program to boost the Canadian Economy by quickly filling job shortages where there are no Canadians available to fill the positions.   The new program will reduce waiting times for qualified applicants to six months or less. Candidates who fit specific labour market shortages across the country will be given a fast track to Permanent Residency. This plan will strengthen the Canadian Economy  by quickly filling labour shortages and ensure that the skilled workers settle permanently in Canada.

The Express Entry system is set to begin in January 2015 and will change the process by which prospective immigrants apply for entry to Canada. Individuals will no longer be able to apply directly to the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program but instead will be required to submit an application to a pool of intended immigrants. The Federal and Provincial Governments as well as employers will select applicants from the pool based on current labour needs.

This new program is an exciting change to Canada’s Skilled Worker Immigration System. The program is projected to receive a Government investment of $14 million in its first two years and will allow Canada to choose the best candidates for permanent immigration, rather than the first people in line.

Express Entry promises to be a game-changer for Canadian immigration and Canada’s economy. It will revolutionize the way we attract skilled immigrants, and get them working here faster. Our government is actively engaged with our provincial and territorial partners, and with employers, to make January’s launch of Express Entry a success.”       Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander